Feb 27, 2021 | Business, Sole Traders

Have you considered how to prepare for your retirement?

Employees are typically enrolled in a workplace pension scheme automatically. However, as a director, partner, or sole trader, setting up your own pension is not compulsory. Ultimately, the responsibility for pension planning falls on you.

Let’s explore some common retirement planning questions and provide clear answers to guide you.

Why is a robust personal pension plan necessary?

Given the current economic environment, having a reliable pension scheme is crucial. A well-planned pension allows you to retire comfortably, fulfilling your post-retirement dreams without financial stress.

How does an effective pension scheme function?

Your pension involves consistent monthly contributions. This investment grows over time, ideally resulting in a larger retirement fund. Upon reaching retirement, you’ll have various options for your pension savings, such as:

Withdrawing a portion or all as cash, with the first 25% being tax-free.

Purchasing an annuity for a steady lifetime income.

Investing in a fund for a flexible, regular income (known as ‘flexi-access drawdown’).

Workplace vs. Personal Pension Plan: Which to Choose?

Without automatic pension provision, you face two primary options:

Workplace Pension: This option requires minimal effort on your part, as investment choices and contributions are managed through your employer’s scheme.

Personal Pension: This choice offers more control over investments and the flexibility to withdraw funds without penalties.

Considerations for Selecting a Pension Plan:

Opting for a personal pension provides more flexibility, but requires careful consideration. Key aspects include:

Contribution Size: Determine how much you need to contribute monthly to sustain your desired lifestyle in retirement.

Withdrawal Rules: Understand the age restrictions and conditions for accessing your funds, typically starting at 55 years.

Investment Management: Stay informed about how your funds are invested and ensure they align with your values.

Pensions and Tax Planning:

Investing in your pension is not only a wise financial decision but also a strategic tax planning tool. Contributions to your personal pension are eligible for tax relief, aiding in future savings and reducing personal income tax liability.

Do You Need Financial Advice?

For tailored advice on selecting the right pension scheme and investments, consult an independent financial adviser (IFA). While accountants can assist with tax planning, only an IFA or certified pensions specialist can provide expert pension advice.

Seeking Expert Pensions Advice:

As your accountant, we can guide you on the tax aspects of pension contributions and connect you with top IFAs and pension advisers for comprehensive advice on making informed pension decisions.

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